Searching for 2 parallell cards Hockeyallsvenskan

  • Hi,

    I'm searching for these two parallell cards:

    Hockeyallsvenskan 2010-11 Jesper Ollas Frantic Finishers FF04 Parallell /45

    Hockeyallsvenskan 2012-13 Viktor Fasth Netprotectors Parallell /30

    I'm interested in buying or trading. Please let me know what your looking for if you want to trade these cards. If your looking for parallells or press plates from Hockeyallsvenskan I have a lot to offer for trading.

    Kind regards

  • Winning with style, be that as it may, absolutely is. Player Cards are a way for you to flaunt a little and let everybody in on what your identity is and what you're about. Allow the Cards to represent themselves as you sport your cherished Agent or mark look on the Character Select screen. Everybody will see your decision in both Match History and in-game.

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