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Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2019, 09:40

Drew Brees Jersey White

Is your opinion the same as everyone else’s?"The New Orleans Saints were one blown call by the referees away from making it to the Super Bowl. Still…an-smith-jersey , there are plenty of holes on the roster as it currently stands right now, leaving many Saints fans questioning what the most important move for the Saints should be.So let’s phrase it this way:If the Saints were to do just one thing this offseason to improve the team and absolutely nothing else, what would you want it to be?Should the Saints make sure to lock up the heir-apparent to Drew Brees at quarterback? Maybe that means re-signing Teddy Bridgewater, or maybe it means finding a way to address it in the draft. Should the Saints instead make sure they re-sign pending free agent RB Mark Ingram to continue to pair with budding superstar Alvin Kamara? Or maybe the Saints should address the depth on the offensive line that has been lacking since Senio Kelemete left. Or maybe the Saints should address the defensive line to provide additional help for Cam Jordan and Marcus Davenport. Or, then again Drew Brees Jersey White , maybe the Saints should find a way to improve at safety after Kurt Coleman failed to impress after signing from the Carolina Panthers. Or what about tight end? Should the Saints improve the tight end position now that Benjamin Watson is ready to ride off into the sunset? Or wide receiver? The Saints tried Dez Bryant - should they try again? Or maybe someone else?Obviously, in reality, the Saints will do multiple (hopefully all?) of the above in order to set the Saints up for another run in 2019. But what would you say is the biggest priority? If the Saints did nothing else, what would you make sure they did? Or even if they did everything else, what is the one thing that if the Saints front office failed to do New Orleans Saints Kaden Elliss Jersey , you would consider the offseason a failure?Vote in the poll. Explain in the comments. Send me presents. After the Giants selected him with the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, cornerback Eli Apple was a disappointment, and this year the Giants had finally had enough and traded him to New Orleans. Now Apple is showing that a fresh start was what he needed.Apple has started eight games for the Saints and already has more interceptions as a Saint than he had in two and a half years as a Giant — including a big interception in Monday night’s win over the Panthers. Apple thinks he’s in the right place.“My teammates, they’re bringing out the best in me. They push me every day, especially Coach AG [secondary coach Aaron Glenn] and the whole defensive staff New Orleans Saints Kaden Elliss Jersey ,” Apple said, via ESPN. “Every week, it’s just understanding the defense, understanding how my teammates play and just playing with more confidence.”The Saints gave up a 2019 third-round draft pick and a 2020 seventh-round draft pick to get Apple, who is just 23 years old and showing off some of the talent that made him a Top 10 pick.
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