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Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2019, 09:20

Youth Daryl Johnston Jersey

Just like we all expected Dak Prescott Jersey , the Dallas Cowboys came through on Sunday night with a 27-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Okay, fine - maybe we weren’t so optimistic about this one, but we’ll gladly take it. The Cowboys put together a full 60 minutes of quality football and got their first road win of the year against a tough opponent. It wasn’t always pretty and got tense at times, but they made a bunch of plays to pull out the win.Things were heated from the start as both these teams exchanged pleasantries prior to kickoff.It was a great win with plenty of things to talk about. Here are 10 thoughts on the Cowboys big road win in Philadelphia.1. The RookieRookie linebacker Leighton Vander Esch drew first blood with the first big play of the game when he stepped in front of a Carson Wentz pass for an interception. His coverage skills were hyped up prior to the draft and the Cowboys wanted that type of athleticism roaming around. On Sunday night, he showed everyone just what he’s capable of.Not only did Vander Esch make the pick, but he has the awareness to stay on his feet and keep fighting for yards on the return. It was worth an extra 28 yards of field position. Nice job, rook.Not only did LVE start the game strong, but he finished strong as well. Vander Esch ended the game with 13 tackles, all solo, but none was more sweet than number this one.Man, that looks familiar. Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, I remember...Vander Esch stopped the Eagles on third down and Jeff Heath came through with a big fourth down stop. The defense came through!It looks like the Cowboys might have found themselves another first-round All-Pro.2. Martin gives us a scareThe excitement of the Vander Esch pick was short lived as Cowboys Nation cringed at the sight of All Pro guard Zack Martin on the ground holding his leg.The Cowboys were already without All-Pro center Travis Frederick as well as it being their first game without rookie Connor Williams at left guard. With no Martin, the entire interior offensive line was being manned by backups at one point - Joe Looney, Xavier Su’a-Filo, and Adam Redmond.Martin would later return because, let’s face it - he’s super tough. The guy is amazing.Props goes out to the entire offensive line. With more time under Marc Columbo and Hudson Houck this group will continue to improve. And we have to tip our cap to Xavier Su’a Filo who filled in really well for Williams. This could make things interesting going forward.The Eagles front is legit White Ezekiel Elliott Jersey , so for this group to come out and play so well has to be encouraging. 3. Miscues on special teamsThe Cowboys defense was doing their job early, but that didn’t translate into rewarding field position thanks to some bad mistakes on special teams. On the Eagles first punt of the game, Cole Beasley opted to let a bouncing ball go past him as to not risk a potential muffed recovery. The ball took a nice roll, costing the team extra yardage, but it was made worse by a holding penalty by Byron Jones. It backed the offense deep in their own territory inside the 10-yard line.Then, on the Eagles next punt, the Cowboys again had a penalty again when Dorance Armstrong got called for a block in the back. The unfortunate thing was that he blocked the Eagles coverage guy right into Beasley for the tackle. Once again, the Cowboys offense started their possession deep in their own territory inside the 10-yard line.4. Go for itBoth teams were pulling out all the stops with an early decision to go for it on fourth down. The Cowboys converted a third and long into a short fourth-down attempt. Jason Garrett kept his troops on the field and they had a nice bootleg run called that looked like Dak Prescott would’ve converted, but unfortunately a false start penalty messed that all up. The Cowboys then had to punt.Doug Pederson would get his chance to go for it on the ensuing drive when the Eagles had a fourth and short at the Cowboys 20-yard line, but Jaylon Smith was able to shoot the gap and tackle Eagles running back Josh Adams for a three-yard loss and a turnover on downs.But it didn’t stop there. On the next possession, the Cowboys reached in their bag of tricks and pulled off a fake punt on a 4th-and-2 play where Jeff Heath took the direct snap and pushed through the middle for the first down.Jeff Heath showed up on fourth down in this game. Not just with this fake punt, but the big fourth-down stop late in the game. Heath loves making game-saving plays on Sunday night. It’s sorta his thing.5. So closeWhen Ezekiel Elliott broke a big run and hurdled an Eagles defender, it looked like it was going to be one of those highlight plays for the ages...if only he could have stayed on his feet.It ended up costing the Cowboys four points as the offense couldn’t find the end zone and had to settle for a Brett Maher field goal.The Cowboys got those three points back when Chidobe Awuzie was able to get his hand out to knock down a deep pass to Alshon Jeffrey. The play saved a touchdown and kept the Eagles to three points on that possession.6. Overcoming adversityAfter Jake Elliott hit that 56-yard field goal to put the Eagles on the board, the Cowboys had a critical possession towards the end of the first half. Philadelphia had all three time outs and were hoping for a three-and-out so they could have another shot at scoring before the half. And it looked like they were going to get their chance after a Prescott sack.But, the Cowboys had other plans. After a well-executed passing play to Michael Gallup picked up the first down, the Cowboys kept rolling and scored their first touchdown of the night.There were several times in the game where the Eagles started gaining momentum and it looked like the Cowboys could have just collapsed. But they didn’t. Even when the Eagles offense finally got rolling in the second half Ezekiel Elliott Jersey 2019 , the Cowboys offense came right back with touchdowns of their own.Prescott did a great job overcoming some early struggles, only to keep it together and make some huge plays later in the game. He missed some targets early, took some costly sacks, and had another one of those slippery ball incidents, but all-in-all, the Cowboys young quarterback showed up when it mattered the most.Garrett preaches about staying focused and shaking things off and concentrating on the next play and his team did just that on Sunday night.7. Home field love from the RefsThe Cowboys hurt themselves with some bad penalties and in the end, would come out on the wrong end of the penalty battle. Dallas had five penalties for 37 yards, where the Eagles weren’t called for a single penalty. Not one. Philly did a good job staying disciplined, but they weren’t that disciplined.Cris Collingsworth highlighted what a great job Wentz did throwing the ball while his wristband was being tugged on. Pay no attention to the Eagles blocker grabbing Damien Wilson around the neck.The refs also completely ignored and illegal man downfield penalty on an Eagles RPO play. Center Jason Kelece was about five yards down field when the ball was thrown. 8. Fly Zeke flyEzekiel Elliott was gassed in this game and for good reason. The Cowboys leaned on their star running back quite a bit in this game. Zeke had 19 carries for 151 yards for an average of 7.9 yards per carry. He also added 36 yards receiving. Elliott scored two touchdowns in the game, both coming in the fourth quarter.It was a great performance considering the Eagles came into the game with the second-best run defense in the league. The Eagles also came into this game with the highest time of possession percentage in the league, but the Cowboys were able to win the TOP battle by keeping it over 33 minutes in the game.9. The ghost of drafts past, present, and futureOn Saturday, we wrote about how a few first-round draft picks could help the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Sunday night. Well, they delivered.Zeke was a monster on offense, LVE was a beast on defense Youth Robert Newhouse Jersey , and let’s not forget the Amari Cooper effect.10. We still have a race in the EastThe Cowboys kept their season alive tonight with a big win. They are now 4-5, tied with the Eagles and still two games behind Washington. If the Cowboys can win next week, it’s going to set the stage for a great Thanksgiving matchup with the Redskins. Philadelphia and Washington still have to play each other twice.Philadelphia will now travel to New Orleans next week to face a Saints team that is playing like the best team in the league right now.This win isn’t anything to be pumping our fist about as there is still a lot of work to do. But as these groups gradually improve and the offense finds it’s way, it could give the team a fighting chance. Reports have been all over the place regarding Jason Garrett’s long-term future with the Cowboys. At one point, it was all but certain he would be extended during the season. After the Cowboys struggled to a 3-5 start, ownership may have had second thoughts. Jason Garrett certainly responded well to that adversity and got his team to play much better going 7-1 down the stretch. Some may think that such a remarkable turnaround, coupled with a 10-6 finish, NFC East title, and playoff win would be enough to justify an extension for Garrett. Those people would be sadly mistaken because it doesn’t look like that extension is coming just yet:This may be the smartest move the Cowboys will make all offseason as Jason Garrett will enter the 2019 season on the final year of his contract. Through eight full seasons as the Cowboys head coach, the team experienced three mediocre 8-8 finishes, went 12-4 in 2014,fell to 4-12 in an injury-riddled 2015. Since the Dak Prescott-Ezekiel Elliott era began, Jason Garrett has added three-consecutive winning seasons and two division titles. Still, the Cowboys haven’t made it past the divisional round of the playoffs. That’s precisely why ownership is not comfortable dishing out that extension.What kind of coach is Jason Garrett? We know that he’s passionate, that his players respond well to him, and that they never give up on his message. Those are three great qualities to have as a coach. This season’s comeback story was mostly credited to the Amari Cooper trade Robert Newhouse Jersey Stitched , Dak Prescott’s resurgence, and a young ferocious defense. What’s often overlooked is how hard the players played for this coach, they really do like Jason Garrett. You can probably say that they love their coach but players loved Wade Phillips, too. At some point, you are faced with the question of “is this the guy for this team going forward?”Think about all the justifications made over his almost decade-long tenure as the head coach. The 8-8 seasons were pinned on a defense in transition and an organization in rebuild mode. For the next two years, it was about the health of Tony Romo and not having a solution behind him. In 2016, it was a young team who just got outsmarted by a legendary quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. In 2017, the 9-7 no playoff Cowboys were a product of Ezekiel Elliott’s fight with the league and insurmountable injuries to star players. That led to an offseason theme of making this team “Dak-friendly” with a reset at receiver and turning over the majority of the coaching staff while giving the scepter to Scott Linehan.We all know where we go from there, halfway through the Cowboys said “this isn’t working, Scott.” Jason Garrett started to warm up to Kellen Moore and Doug Nussmeier towards the end of the year as the Cowboys got themselves to the postseason. After a divisional loss where the Rams just shut this team down, Scott Linehan got the boot. What we have to all realize is that Scott Linehan was ‘a’ problem but Garrett and the others all played their part as well. As previously mentioned, there are a lot of good qualities to having Jason Garrett as your head coach. He certainly has an eye for talent evaluation but he’s not perfect, nobody is, except for maybe Bill Belichick. The biggest area for Garrett and company to work on is that air of arrogance we often see. It’s one thing to be confident in your gameplan but the Cowboys went into this season without Travis Frederick, they also had a rookie at left guard, and a banged up Zack Martin. Instead of countering with a few adjustments Youth Daryl Johnston Jersey , these coaches lined up and tried to execute 2016’s success without the horses to do so. Now, it did work, at times, you don’t win 10 games without making it work but their problems never went away. They still struggled to move defenses off the ball in the red-zone, were one of the worst in goal-to-go, had all sorts of fits with premier defensive tackles, and were the second-worst in terms of sacks allowed. When they faced off against a great team like the Rams, it exposed every problem they have on both sides of the ball. These are things the Cowboys coaches will attempt to correct in the offseason but it’s going to take different voices sharing different opinions. Garrett has put the onus on himself and will have a heavy hand in every aspect of the team as a head coach should. With Kitna, Moore, and Nussmeier on offense, Garrett wants to freshen his scheme with creativity. Kris Richard and Rod Marinelli will continue to develop the defense that is already on a path to success.So for now, we sit with Jason Garrett taking back the scepter and surrounding himself with younger voices and hopefully an open mind. Maybe that will be the difference and this collective approach brings lots of future success. If it does, we can talk about an extension next offseason but the Jones’ family has every right to wait and see if Jason Garrett is the right man for this job.
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